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Racism and the Necessity of Chaos ( or How do I personally contribute to Cultural Healing?)

How could I contribute if I’m not an expert in political science, sociology, or race relations AND have no personal experience with racism?

What I am is a healer.  What I have to offer is almost more than 3 decades of working – deeply and directly – with suffering and pain.  What I draw on is extensive expertise with the chaotic, messy, unpredictable, and sometimes miraculous thing we call healing.

In this video I attempt to expand an elegant model of individual healing to a macro level of community and cultural healing.  This is the longest video clip that I’ve ever made, but this topic required me to present it as a cohesive whole.

Originally I used this orientation to find a way for me to personally orient to the racial issues in this country and then to move forward in a way that would let my daily thoughts and energy contribute, even in a very small way, to the healing of our culture.  Over time, I shared these ideas with family, friends, and then clients.  They all said that they found value in this perspective and encouraged me to share it with a larger audience.

GULP. There is definitely some risk, as a privileged white male, in making a video about racism.  The safe path would be to remain silent and keep my head down.

But the ideas kept poking at me until I couldn’t find a way to not make this video.  So here it is.  This is my offering to the larger conversation about race, presented with humility and respect.  My prayer is that each and every human being be treated with dignity and respect.  No exceptions.  For any reason.

PS I made this to be shared so please pass it along to any and all who might be interested in this perspective.  ty, doug

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