Remote Treatment

It is uncanny, and that is why I have hesitated to speak of it.  However, “the proof is in the pudding.”  – W. G. Sutherland

Remote treatments are way, WAY outside of the mainstream culture.  For most people, they exist somewhere between complete rubbish and flakey “woo-woo” nonsense.  The challenge for me is that I have been doing remote sessions for a long time now and my clients have experienced excellent results.

That is the key here: results!  If you can focus on the results, on how you feel after the session, then remote treatments are an option for you.  If you need to understand exactly what is happening and how it is happening, then this is not a good fit for you.  [For those of you who need a little cognitive piece, you might look into “quantum entanglement” for the beginnings of an explanation based on science and not fantasy.]

If you think you’re interested, but have some resistance (and you certainly wouldn’t be alone in this), then feel free to give me a call and ask me your questions.

PS  I do charge more for remote treatments.  Not only do they require an extremely high degree of skill, but they also take a lot more energy than a face to face session.