Healthy Sexuality

“Broke the bed.

  What a guy!”

– 6-word love story from Maggie B., a 64 year old client

Q & A

How do you find the unique level and style of sexuality that is most healthy for you?

This can be a delightful, challenging, and rewarding process.  And it is a process, one that will require honest effort and a willingness to look deeply within yourself.  It takes courage and hard work, but you end up the big winner!

What’s keeping you from experiencing more health, frequency, joy, pleasure, and power in your sexuality?

Pretty much everybody is too close to their own sexuality to get a good look at what’s keeping them from experiencing more health, frequency, joy, pleasure, and power.  How do you self-limit your sexuality?  What patterns or beliefs undermine your access to your sexual health, pleasure, etc.?  Because I did not grow up in your culture or family, I can provide a neutral reflection of your beliefs and processes.  Also, I can introduce perspectives and solutions that are available to you, but that were not included in your sexual upbringing.  By engaging our limiting beliefs and habits, we can shed our restrictions and explore our authentic sexuality.

Where did you acquire your sexual skills and beliefs?  How are they serving you in your life?

Most of what we “know” and “do” sexually was acquired unconsciously through our family, schools, and culture.  Unfortunately, for most of us, this means is that there was little choice or thought or agreement.  It’s usually both disturbing and refreshing to step back and look clearly at our sexual skills and beliefs.

What’s involved in changing your sexual skills and beliefs?  How do you “upgrade”?

Bringing our sexual skills and beliefs out of the dark of the unconscious into the light of conscious awareness allows us to begin to use good judgment and choice.  We can begin a process of “sifting and sorting” to decide what we would like to experience and who we choose to be.

How do you sort through cultural and family of origin beliefs to keep the ones that serve you and to jettison the ones that don’t work for you?

It’s great to have help with this sorting process; usually we’re too close to get a good view.  And too accustomed to our personal “normal” to see many other options.  My role here is to reflect and highlight as well as to present new options, perspectives, and choices.