I value Doug’s confidence in his own skills; he is easy to trust. Doug is always empathetic, completely honest and willing to do whatever it takes to help me to get me through some unusual and seemingly complex issues.”

–  Anne

I have been a client of Doug Jones since 1998.  Doug has always been there for me!  He always provides incredible care and holds deep compassion for my well-being.  I especially appreciate his ability to share meaningful stories and belly chuckle jokes!  Laughter is a must in any healing practice!

Over the past 12 years, I have pursued a competitive cycling career, and aggressive passion for skiing, and spiritual work with traditional indigenous healers.  Doug has been a grounding point for these and many of my life experiences including the ups and downs of a professional working career.  He has helped me mend broken bones and center my energetic system through transformational periods.  Doug offers and excellent balance of healing and integration with practical knowledge and information.  He does much more than just “fix” what needs fixing but teaches foundations of self healing.  I can’t thank Doug enough for his support!  He has been integral to maintaining my energetic, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

– Stevan S., Gunbarrel, CO

I have been so impressed with his methods and results that I continue to use Doug (phone sessions) after moving to another state.

– Mike L., Sunnydale, CA

“Over the last 15 years, I have returned for literally hundreds of sessions with Doug.  Even when I was a very poor single parent, working, graduate student, I dutifully set aside nearly 20% of my income each month so my son and I could see Doug.  I’m not a therapy junkie, I simply couldn’t afford that. But, I know what works.  From afflictions as amusing as my phobias around my knees being touched, to issues as real and excruciating as being incested as a child, Doug has helped me heal myself so that I could learn to live in integrity and joy.  In my experience, being treated by Doug is the single greatest investment I can make in myself.  It is, in fact, a profound expression of love, for myself and my family.”

– Karen K., Lyons, CO

“After my sessions with Doug, I now have a greater ability to feel what is going on in my body.  I also have a greater ability work with tension and pain in order to release it on my own.  The treatments that I have received from Doug seemed so subtle during the treatment.  However, they have had profound and permanent effects.”

– Lori L., Vail, CO

I have especially sought out Doug’s treatment when I was under great personal stress.  His sessions have been incredibly helpful for reducing my stress levels and helping me understand how to bring stress under control by myself.  If there is one thing to say about Doug, it’s that he really helps you help yourself, even though it probably results in less need for his services.  It’s great to see a practitioner who is not concerned about generating recurring business through incomplete treatments.

– Jim B., Boulder, CO