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“Never, never, never give up.”  ~  Winston Churchill

Q & A


What skills and techniques would speed your recovery from training and/or injury?  What non-traditional support is available for enhanced performance during competition and speedier recovery during training?

As a therapist working with rehabilitation and pain management for more than two decades, I’ve learned a great many self-care and self-treatment skills.  I would love to have known this information when I was training.  There is a huge amount that you can do to facilitate and expedite your recovery from training or from injury.  You don’t have to be passive!!


How do you get into your “zone”?  How can you do it more consistently and more deeply?

This whole “zone” thing can be extraordinarily elusive and frustrating.  Most athletes have the direct experience of being “in the zone,” but usually we stumble onto it; we are never taught how to get there.  There are a number of traditions that orient around training to regularly be “in the zone” and that help you delve more and more deeply into that state.  It’s great stuff and I love teaching it!


What is your experience of your personal power?  How could you access more?

Personal power is almost never discussed in sports, and yet it is an integral and indispensable component of success.  [Something to consider: What is the power source for your training and technique?  What powers your performance?]  The challenge with this topic is that personal power is just that: personal, unique, individual.  There is no such thing as a protocol or “one-size-fits-all” way to cultivate personal power.  There is only your way!  My job is to help you find it, refine it, and become skilled with it.


What does it mean to be “powered up”?  How do we access full power AND stay there?

How much of your training is devoted to getting into your power zone and staying there?  This is not a concept that is well known in the West, but it is amazingly effective in terms of results.  I will use a wide range of tools to help you train this skill; they include focusing and meditation as well as visualizations and energy building exercises.